About me

Like all kids, I asked myself many times, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”  The answer has always been: ” I want to experience the world!” ,  so here I am. 

It was always very important for me to actively help people in whatever way I could. One of my deep desires is to assist people to feel clear, healthy and happy in their lives. Now I can be grateful that I was challenged in my life to experience burnout/depression and suicide attempts. All these have helped me to gain a better understanding of behaviors, people and life.


Going through self-development with Integral Healing education, I was able to recover from burnout/depression without taking medicines, it brings the separated “I” back to myself, helps me to know who I am, to realize that I was not lost, I was just exploring; It connects me better to my life targets/visions, encourages me to live out and enjoy my life…

The Integral Healing method I have been using is a very strong tool to help others freeing their power of self-healing without medicines or medical instruments. 

I am here for you too.