What to expect

Integral Healing

If you believe in yourself and believe in self-healing, let us meet and have a talk, you might experience the following: 

Part I: Coaching

  • led through Integral Self Healing (Georg Meier –  Barbara Ann Brennan ) process to
  • find out why you have been making yourself sick/suffering/uncomfortable from a psychosomatic aspect
  • find out how you may get out of the self-damage circle
  • find out what is limiting your potential and your life
  • find out how you may be self-accepting, self-satisfied and self-loving.
  • find out how you may release yourself

Part II: Energy treatment 

  • spoil yourself by an energy treatment:
  • cleansing out the system blockages,
  • organ or system repairing,
  • chakra adjustments for self-regeneration
  • Broken relationship resetting or combining with your beloved ones (hate is just another kind of interest)
  • be surrounded by different energy layers tailored to your chakras and energy bodies for your self-healing and self-development goals…