You may have unconsciously made yourself sick and no matter if it’s just a cold or a serious chronic disease,  now it is possible to heal yourself simply through:

Get through your inner wound and everything is curable
Georg Meier

It´s all just about Yourself!

What to expect

Integral Healing

If you believe in yourself and believe in self-healing, let us meet and have a talk, you might experience the following: 

Part I: Coaching

  • led through Integral Self Healing (Georg Meier –  Barbara Ann Brennan ) process to
  • find out why you have been making yourself sick/suffering/uncomfortable from a psychosomatic aspect
  • find out how you may get out of the self-damage circle
  • find out what is limiting your potential and your life
  • find out how you may be self-accepting, self-satisfied and self-loving.
  • find out how you may release yourself

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About me

Like all kids, I asked myself many times, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”  The answer has always been: ” I want to experience the world!” ,  so here I am. 

It was always very important for me to actively help people in whatever way I could. One of my deep desires is to assist people to feel clear, healthy and happy in their lives. Now I can be grateful that I was challenged in my life to experience burnout/depression and suicide attempts. All these have helped me to gain a better understanding of behaviors, people and life.

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